May 20th is Behçet’s Disease || ten years dx with this illness

Today is May 20, 2018. It is Behçet’s disease awareness day! Behçet’s disease is an autoimmune, inflammatory disease that affects the blood vessels and anything they come in contact with. This illness is called a “disease” but is not contagious nor is there a cure. It is very debilitating. The immune system attacks itself and I get ill very quickly and takes me longer to get well than the average heathy person. Behçet’s disease, BD for short, affects the eyes, joints, skin, as well as quality of life. Because of bd, I was diagnosed with chronic daily migraines, which I had been living with for years before I was diagnosed with bd. Uveitis (inflammation of the eye) if left untreated, or if severe, can lead to blindness. I have arthritis that is a daily struggle to move when first getting up in the morning or when I have done too much. This disease also includes debilitating chronic fatigue. I am tired 98% of the time. Even if I’m out enjoying myself, a lot of the time I’d rather be at home resting. Behçet’s disease is a hell of an illness. It takes so much out of me daily but has made me into in a stronger person. It has been ten years of tears, questioning God, and the unknown of what will be my future. There is no cure and research is limited because the disease is rare and not many people know of it or understand it. It has been extremely hard and difficult to come to terms with having a chronic illness but I have always tried to make the best of it. It has made my relationship with God so important to me. the last photo was taken on vacation after a very hard day filled with migraines, anxiety, and joint pain. It took so much out of me to just show up to dinner. Behçet’s disease is a complex illness and we deserve more awareness, treatment options, and a cure.

Author: Micah

Twenty-something Graduate student living my best life going to school, working, being a cat mom, and kicking chronic illness ass.

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