Having a “social life” while chronically ill

Yesterday, after my week of final exams, working, and looking at houses for rent, I was completely exhausted. I had a migraine from hell that would not leave me. My joints were aching. I was in bed and miserable for the majority of the day.  But I was also excited because we were driving to Tulsa, OK to see Justin Timberlake perform. How do you balance chronic fatigue/chronic pain with your busy social life? I had to make adjustments. My mom was sweet enough to style my makeup and hair so I didn’t have to waste energy doing it, and I cat-napped on the way there. I didn’t even feel like indulging in alcohol -(I have to REALLY be in the mood to need a drink because the consequences outweigh the benefits for me) – and for the fact that the concession by our seats had run out of beer just allowed me to continue sipping on water. When we CLIMBED up to our seats, finally and sat down, I was tired but exhilarated to see JT perform. My body was in pain from the trek around to our seating area and up, up, up to our seats. It was well-worth it. Justin was so phemonemial and entertaining! It was an awesome show.

I tried to enjoy the show as much as possible even though I honestly wasn’t feeling well and could’ve easily spent the evening in bed. I ignored my joints being tired and loved watching JT. It was something I will never forget. It is also something I’m paying for today, as too much activity leaves me drained in the following days. We didn’t get home until almost three am (I slept the whole way home, no surprise there!) and didn’t get out of my bed until almost 2:30pm. Having a meaningful life full of experiences when you are chronically ill means sometimes, you just gotta suck it up and pay for it later, which I’m definitely doing today. I really have to prioritize what my body can and can’t handle on a daily basis, which can fluantate from day to day. I was out with friends one evening? Doesn’t mean I can go out the next time. It makes me feel awful having to put my health above my friends and family, but sometimes it is much needed.

Spoonies: How do you recharge after you spend time out having fun?

Author: Micah

Twenty-something Graduate student living my best life going to school, working, being a cat mom, and kicking chronic illness ass.

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