Continuing Grad school While Sick

In the second week of February, I become very ill. It started with a cough and later vomiting. I was diagnosed with the flu and bronchitis. Doctors thought I also had pneumonia, but were able to rule it out. I was severely ill for a week when my GP decided I needed to be admitted. I was in the hospital for three days. I was dehydrated and still experiencing flu symptoms. Doctors gave me antibiotics and I was starting to get better. During this, I took off work for two weeks (4 shifts); I missed two weeks of classes (M, TH) and the end of my weekend course while I was in hospital (F, S, S).

I am symptom-free now but unable to receive my Remicade infusion while I was ill, so it got rescheduled. I was supposed to have it three weeks ago, and I won’t receive it for two more weeks. I am every four weeks, so I will be going on nine weeks when I finally do get it. As well as recovering from being ill, I have became very fatigued in every aspect. I am finally catching up in my classes but the fatigue has been relentless. My brain fog has allowed me to get very distracted when I am needing to be working on an assignment or studying. I have a mouth full of ulcers and literally all I want to do is sleep, but I am using today to try to push through, be productive and hopefully have a good night with a friend. Chronic illness is no joke but not allowing myself to get completely run down and defeated is my goal. I am not letting illness and setbacks deter me from my goals of finishing the semester strong. I also want to have a social life, which sometimes takes a backseat to class or my health. I am continuing to be positive in light of my struggles.

Author: Micah

Twenty-something Graduate student living my best life going to school, working, being a cat mom, and kicking chronic illness ass.

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