Rare Disease Day 2018

February 28, 2018 is Rare Disease Day.

A rare disease affects more Americans than cancer, stroke, or heart problems combined.

A list of Rare Diseases can be found at rarediseases.org

This list is comprised of 7,000 rare diseases which affect 300 million people worldwide, but what makes the disease rare is there aren’t many people diagnosed with one specific disease, making it less common and unknown to providers.

This blog was started as a way to promote my journey with and feelings about Behcet’s Disease.

It is only fitting I discuss Rare Disease Day as it approaches. I love having the ability to use my social platform(s) to use my voice to talk about why this is important and how getting more people involved about any one rare disease is spreading awareness for rare diseases. Most, if not all, rare diseases and disorders do not have a cure because lack of knowledge, research, and funding.

So many people struggle in their daily lives to maintain a sense of normalcy while combatting an illness/Disease- one that possibly is invisible to others. We must care about one another. We must not pass judgement on others because we honestly don’t have any business doing so. We must advocate for those who are sick and need a voice. We all need a voice. We need support. We need research. We need A CURE.

Share with me what it’s like for you in your daily life with a rare disease. What inspires you to keep moving and gives you hope for a cure?





Author: Micah

Twenty-something Graduate student living my best life going to school, working, being a cat mom, and kicking chronic illness ass.

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